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15 Stars Who Are Way Too Raunchy For Instagram [+Photos]

Stars Who Were Way Too Raunchy For Instagram

Stars Who Were Way Too Raunchy For Instagram – See, the thing is that in the U.S., websites are usually not responsible for what people post. But online communities like Instagram have rules and policies. Instagram is noted for its policing of pictures and its “no nipples” rules (well, at least for women). Now, on Twitter, it’s usually what they say or what they encourage others to say that gets them into hot water. Sometimes it’s the raunchy picture or two that stirs controversy. Not so on Instagram. It’s almost totally about those pictures. Sometimes the guys get in trouble, but usually it’s the young female celebrities who outrage the people at Instagram and sometimes their fans and followers. Some have nearly been booted off, others went off in a huff after Instagram dared to criticize their raunchy pics, and others have well and truly been shown the door. And sometimes, the fans put their hands up and say back off, cool down, stop it. If we were going to come up with a list of the top three raunch Queens, we’d have to include Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian. And it’s also no coincidence that all three are usually right up there for the top followed accounts.

Here are 15 hot, young celebrities who are sometimes way too raunchy for Instagram. They are usually barely legal in Instagram terms. Sometimes they push it a little more just to see if they can get away with it.

15. Rihanna

If Beyonce has become the regal Queen of social media, Rihannapushes the raunchy thing big time. Followers were hot for RiRi lounging on fur rugs in front of a fireplace, smoking joints in Amsterdam, and nearly naked in almost-not-there bikini shots. In May of 2014, Rihanna quit Instagram in a diva huff because her account had been disabled. Some said it was something to do with her postings. No, said Instagram, who regularly polices too racy photos by deleting them or closing the account altogether; it was just a glitch. A mistake. A blip. No matter said RiRi, stick it. Instagram followers were sad and mad at the thought of losing @badgalRiRi. After a suitable diva fit period of around 6 months, she was back lounging, smoking and almost naked.

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