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15 Things You Should Never Say In A Text

Things you should never say in a text message

Things You Should Never Say In A Text – The world of text messaging has gotten so massive that we feel like we can say just about anything through a short message service, or SMS. Text messaging was created for quick notes to send to people swiftly, but it seems that we are taking texting just a bit too far.

If a long conversation is needed, it is almost always best to pick up the phone and call, but it appears that a great deal of people just aren’t doing that, anymore. Most people have become accustomed to simply sending a text without really thinking about how the other person might respond once they receive it. Some things (such as these listed in this article) just should not be sent as a typed message. Technology has made it way too easy to send bad news without having to face the consequences.

15. We Need to Talk

Anytime you hear these words coming from someone you love, immediately you start to think of what you could have done to deserve it. Almost anyone who hears this will spend nearly every moment trying to figure out what this is about until they talk to the person who said it. At least if you hear it from someone, it is possible to convince them to tell you what it’s concerning. If you read it in a text message, it is very difficult to determine what it might be, and if the person does not say right away what this is, then you just might ruin someone’s day. Even though it may be nothing too important, the person on the receiving end does not know that until they hear what it is that needs to be said. At least then, it won’t be so confusing.

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