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16 Ugly Things Women Do To Look Hot

Things Women Do To Look Hot

Things Women Do To Look Hot – Women are beautiful creatures in general and men will often notice and adore just how beautiful women are. Of course, beauty comes from the inside and all that cool stuff, but beauty can also be maintained in some absurd and, often times, ugly methods. It’s almost a relief to think that some of the most beautiful women in the entire world may be resorting to some ugly, disgusting methods of acquiring the beauty for which they are known because, otherwise, life just wouldn’t be fair.

In order to obtain and maintain beauty, women must resort to a number of extreme techniques, ranging from daily practices to major surgeries, from which they could take months to heal. It may seem odd that women are willing to go to such extremes to look beautiful and youthful, but we live in a society that places extreme importance on physical attraction. Being attractive could change your life in many different ways — from getting out of a parking ticket, to who you date, to landing a modeling or acting career. Sure, some attractive models and actresses have worked hard to get to where they are and are truly talented, but being drop dead gorgeous doesn’t hurt.

On this list, you’ll find some zany and gross ways that women stay beautiful. So, next time you see a hottie at the bar, Kate Upton in a magazine or Blake Lively on the screen, just remember that she may be sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon doing one of these ugly habits in order to stay hot. You’ll totally feel more confident when you approach her, right?

16. Braces, A Retainer Or Invisalign

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Some people are born with very crocked teeth, which is fine. Not everyone can be blessed with a straight perfect smile. To correct the issues, many people get braces when they are in their teenage years. Braces are pretty ugly in their own right. I mean, it’s a huge hunk of metal on your teeth that can get food particles trapped in them. It can make for some really awkward teenage years and a few high school yearbooks that one would rather leave unseen.

Unfortunately, all that hard work can be ruined if one doesn’t keep up with wearing their retainer. That hot girl with the perfect smile may be going home every night and popping in a retainer, which can result in extra saliva and a lisp. I guess wearing that every night is better than crocked teeth, though.

Some people skip the teenage braces but, later in life, decide that they want to join the straight teeth party too. In that case, they may resort to Invisalign, which is a clear retainer one wears all day but must take off to eat. If you’re ever out at a restaurant with a hot girl who had Invisalign, she’ll have to take it off and place it in a napkin in order to eat. It’s not the most appetizing thing to watch.

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