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15 Wrestlers Who Became Ordained Ministers [+Photos]


Wrestlers Who Became Ordained Ministers – Professional wrestling is violent, bloody, vicious, and…religious? Well, maybe not usually that last one, but at least a few wrestlers have found some deep connection with their faith shortly after stepping out of the ring.

Some of them were even way into Jesus while they were getting between the ropes, and made their religion a part of their wrestling character, although the fact no wrestling promoters appear on this list should explain why that doesn’t usually fly.

Wrestling and ministering don’t necessarily seem to go hand-in-hand, but it’s worth pointing out not all ministering is heavy duty religious work. While most of the men on this list are actual men of the cloth, others are ordained in unique and fringe churches that have less to do with God than they have to do with official clerical work. Nonetheless, all of the people on this list are able to preside over marriages, baptisms, funerals, exorcisms, or anything else you might want a minister present for. If you’re looking to plan a wrestling themed wedding and you need someone to read the vows, read on to learn 15 solid picks, and find out which wrestlers went on to become ordained ministers.

15. Marc Mero

Via Shitloads of Wrestling

“Marvelous” Marc Mero first came to fame as a wrestler as Johnny B. Badd in WCW. As Badd, he was a multi-time WCW Television Champion, before jumping to WWE, changing his character name to his real name, and soon after winning the Intercontinental Championship. Mero didn’t hold the championship for long, but he remained a notable name in WWE for the next few years, in large part due to his actual wife and valet, Sable. Sable eventually eclipsed Marc’s fame, and the two divorced in 2004. Not one to take wallow in misery, Mero reformed himself after his divorce and retirement from wrestling and became a motivational speaker. He was later ordained as a minister in 2013. Mero continues giving inspirational speeches to this day.

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