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16 Stone Cold Facts You Didn’t Know About Steve Austin [+Photos]

16 Stone Cold Facts You Didn’t Know About Steve Austin

Stone Cold – When Steve Austin was asked by Vince McMahon to stop using the middle finger, he said that he wouldn’t change sh*t  and claimed “I’d be damned if anybody was going to take anything from me. I’m going to run over you and we’re going to the top–or I’m going to the top, and you’re going to come along for the ride.”

If that doesn’t symbolize the kind of man Stone Cold Steve Austin was in WWE, I don’t know what does.

Steve Austin’s career is not only marked with championships but with the attitude that he brought to the entire company. With countless iconic moments that probably peppered the memories of your childhood, it was hard not to become a fan of Austin. But did you know he only shaved his head because he was balding?

You may have loved the wrestler, but do you know much about the man? About the time he refused to work or shutdown ideas with no solutions? How about arguably his toughest battle with retirement, and the domestic abuse charge that came against him in 2002?

Austin had a tumultuous relationship with McMahon on screen, but do you know how they feel about each other now? Below you’ll also get some inside looks into the man, such as why he refused to go off the top rope, what he was always muttering to himself as he entered the ring, which wrestler he had a serious vendetta against and his history with broken necks that also includes Sylvester Stallone. And just in case you’re unaware, you’ll even receive all the backstory necessary to understand Austin 3:16 and in the process learn why he became the legend that he is today.

The news you’re about to read about Austin isn’t all positive, but it definitely helps paint a complete picture of just who Austin was, and who he is today.

16. Austin Broke Stallone’s Neck

Via photobucket and two-views

When you look at the cast list for The Expendables, there must have been a ridiculous amount of testosterone flowing on that movie set. With so many tough guys, everyone was vying to prove their worth, which may be why Stallone was insistent that Austin continue to hit him harder during the filming. Things got to a whole new level when Austin ended up causing Stallone a hairline fracture in his neck. The result of which required surgery and the placement of a metal plate in his neck.

Stallone ended up having to spend 3 weeks in the hotel recovering from the injury because they never wanted him to be seen with a neck brace. Austin admitted that he wasn’t aware of the extent of the injuries until the reports started coming out well after the injury had healed. Austin is a strong guy, but you can imagine he still doesn’t want to be on Stallone’s bad side. Have no fear though because Austin said “Sly left me a message saying it was all cool. There were no hard feelings.”

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