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The 20 Most Beautiful News Women in America [+Photos]

Most Beautiful News Women in America

Most Beautiful News Women in America – When it comes time to turn on the television to get caught up on what’s going on in the world, there is no shortage of options. With so many channels and networks to choose from, it can be hard to decide what to watch. So why not tune in to the hottest reporter that’s on the air at that hour? Certainly a beautiful woman delivering the news to you can’t be a bad thing, right?

This list shows that CNN by far has the hottest female reporters in the business. Two of the top three are from that network and there is a good reason for it as you’ll see when you read on. But beauty isn’t everything when it comes to reporting. You want someone that is intelligent and knowledgeable about what they are reporting on so you can make good use of the information. But even if they get something wrong, who cares? As long as they look good!

Every single one of these beautiful ladies has a high level of intelligence. That’s how they advanced to this point in their careers. Networks obviously like to have a beautiful woman in front of their cameras, but they want them to also be smart and good at their job. This list has the sexiest news reporters on the air right now but they are also some of the best in the business.

Find out which one has an extremely deep knowledge of fishing and who had to do everything when reporting on a story, including the camera work! Oh and of course who is the hottest of the hot!

20. Lynda Kinkade (CNN)

Via cnn.com

Lynda Kinkaid is a beautiful blonde anchor at CNN that was born in Australia. She has been the anchor of CNN Newsroom since 2015 and she also anchors The World Right Now, Connect to the World and CNN Today.

She got started in broadcasting back in 2002 and she worked with several shows and news outlets in Australia before moving to the United States. She was seen there on Sunrise, NBN Television, Nine Network, Today (Australia), Nightline (Australia), Nine Afternoon News and Nine News Sydney.

She moved to Melbourne in 2008 and started working for Today Tonight. During her time there she interviewed Al Gore and did a lot of celebrity coverage. She had some great interviews with Jennifer Hawkins, Rachel Griffiths, Toni Collette and John Travolta.

Kinkade quit her job in Australia in 2013 to move to New York City. She worked as a freelancer when she got there and continued to do work for her previous networks while she pursued steady work in the States. When she first hooked up with CNN she commuted on weekends from New York City down to the CNN Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2015 she was signed on as a full-time member of the network and now we get to see her all the time. Good deal!

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