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20 Partying Photos These Celebrities NEVER Wanted You To See


Photos These Celebrities NEVER Wanted You To See – When it comes to going out and having some drinks on the town, one thing you always need to be cautious about is the dreaded camera, especially now that everyone has smart phones. Basically, if you do something stupid, it’s going to be broadcast absolutely everywhere.

Do you know when people tend to do really stupid things? When they drink copious amounts of alcohol.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I drink, the main buzzkill is knowing that I am spending a solid chunk of change to get that way. What if money is no object? Clearly, as you see these stars chugging Grey Goose like it’s water, you’ll realize that even getting drunk can be easier when you are rich and famous.

One distinct disadvantage is the photographic evidence. I’ve had many drunk photos of myself taken in my life but it’s never appeared on the front page of every news website. In fact, many of the poses that you’re about to see (fallen down, posing with cops, chugging alcohol, eyes closed) you may have done yourself at one point or another.

This list includes pictures of  Brad Pitt, Emma Watson, Paris Hilton (I know, shocking), and even some outside the box candidates like Simon Cowell. Without further ado, here are 20 celebrities who partied a little too hard and unfortunately, had it captured on camera.

20. Avril Lavigne

Via pausecafein.fr

How do you know that you’re a badass? Well, one thing could be that you’re a musician. I mean, that’s really awesome right? Then you also need to factor in the fact that Avril married Chad Kroeger. Let that sink in. Someone willingly agreed to marry the lead singer of Nickelback, and she probably wasn’t even drunk the entire ceremony.

What if he tried to sing to you…? Perhaps that’s why Avril can be seen chugging back some Grey Goose straight from the bottle. She may not need a straw, but it also appears she has some dropping off her chin. Rookie move, Avril.

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