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3 acts of love that should be non-stop in every relationship

But how does one maintain that happiness, especially if the relationship is long-term or meant to be forever?

How does one keep another person happy all day, every day and forever?

The truth is all days cannot be sunshine and resplendent colors; but if you do the three things listed below, there will be far more joy in the relationship/marriage than gloom.

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1. Learning about each other

Change is only constant, and if you stay with someone long enough, chances are that some of their preferences and opinions will change with time.

Partners need to always be on the lookout for new information about each other. Through observation and by communication you can know the changes happening in your partner’s outlook on life and adapt to it.

That way one person does not outgrow the other to the point that an unbridgeable disconnect is created between them.

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