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3 best ways to start a serious relationship

One common way relationships start these days is for a guy and girl to first ‘chill’ with each other, just going with the flow, seeing where things lead.

Many times, there is no definitive plan. At best, the plan is usually very vague. For some, it’s the best way, and it often works for them.

If, however, you want to take a different approach to your relationship, that is, you want to approach a new relationship with a clear plan and bright picture of your end goal, here are the things you have to know and be prepared to do.

Here is how to date with a clear goal in mind.

1. Make your standards clear

You will never know what to expect from someone when you do not even know what you want.

So, it is never wrong to set realistic standards but you should also learn and be ready to stick with your own requirements.

If at all you have to compromise, let your compromise not be on the things you regard as fundamental.

For instance, if you have the requirement of wanting a babe with a job and earning a certain annual/monthly income, it is logical to bend a little if you meet someone great but earns a little below your desired wage range.

However, it won’t make much sense if you actually decide to date someone who has no job at all and seemingly has no interest in getting one.

Never sell yourself short on what you truly are worthy of.

The process needs to be followed, and not rushed.

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