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3 Common Dating Mistakes You’ll REGRET If You Make Them!

Dating tips are commonly focused on the conversation, but the actions that you make can completely outweigh whatever conversational chemistry you have. These actions can also involve you self-image. Here are the 3 most common mistakes that ruin a date with a “10.”


1. Not Thinking About Style The Way Women Do

A lot of guys think that they are in-style because they are wearing something that their guy friends think is cool. The truth is that most women do not have the same taste as your guy friends. For example, here’s a few things you should NEVER wear on a first date, or basically ever.
Affliction or Ed Hardy-style clothing (anything with dragons or skulls screams “douchebag” to a woman), athletic jerseys (unless you are actually AT the game), any type of MMA clothing (Hit Man Fight Gear, Tap Out, etc.), excessive jewelry (keep it to your watch and maybe ONE other tasteful piece), Tevas or, God forbid, Crocs. Wearing any one of these things will kill your chances with a fashion-conscious woman, which is what nearly all “10’s” are.

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