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3 Honest Reasons Why Women CHEAT (Even On Guys They Love)

Getting laid by a stranger has never been easier, thanks to technology.

This is equally true for singles as well as married individuals, thanks to a variety of websites and apps that cater to people looking for easy, casual sex.

But having sex with someone new isn’t usually the reason why people cheat.

Both men and women cheat because something is missing in their lives. The need to fill in that missing piece is what leads to affairs — and often divorce.

Today, men and women stray at similar rates according to a study by the University of Indiana, but for different reasons.

While there are surveys about why women cheat, I am going to focus on my own experience helping couples move past their affairs.

Here are the top 3 reasons I’ve heard, from the cheaters themselves, about why women cheat:

1. Lack of connection.

The primary driver that women have in an intimate relationship is to feel connected.

For women, the feeling of connection is a mix of chemical bliss that creates attraction and intimacy.

When women feel disconnected from their spouse, the feelings of intimacy fade. The possibility of a new connection with someone else opens up. And these emotional connections can easily lead to physical affairs.

That can happen through Facebook with an old boyfriend, a friendly co-worker, or even an intriguing stranger. The common theme is simply that an emotional connection was created and led to the affair.

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