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3 mistakes you need to avoid when you are trying to get out of debt

Getting into debt can be so easy, getting out not so much. Today, we look at three common mistakes that make getting out of debt so difficult.

These mistakes include:

1. Trying to pay off multiple debts at once

Faced with more than one debt, a lot of people try to address all at once. The result - feeling frustrated, getting stuck, broke and acquiring a new debt in order to attempt to pay off the old ones.

The solution is to write down all your debts from the largest or the one with the least patient person to the smallest or the one with the nicest creditor.

Next, make a budget of everything you need to survive, and use the rest of the money to pay off the first loan. Once that is paid off, you can focus on the others, one by one, until you pay them off.

  Stop trying to pay off multiple debts at once and focus on one at a timeStop trying to pay off multiple debts at once and focus on one at a time

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