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3 Sneaky Ways To Become MORE Than Just Friends With Him

One of the hardest social tasks of them all is taking an already established friend and turning that friend into your lover. We’ve all seen the movies and TV shows where this is a running theme and we’ve all fantasized about it being the case. I mean, what’s better than falling in love with your best friend?

When it works out, you get some of the best love stories ever told. Of course, it is not always worth the risk, if you work well together as friends and don’t want the same things out of life, then it’s generally best to keep your relationship merely friendly.

But, sometimes, everything seems to line up and you become ready to take the risk to take your friendship and try to turn it into a romantic relationship.

Here are some tips on how best to do it and get out of the friendzone:

1. Be rational, BUT not too rational. 

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Love isn’t ever completely rational. So, in this instance, you shouldn’t be either. You need to rationally evaluate what has changed the dynamic of the relationship.

Why didn’t you get romantic in the first place? Was it a fleeting moment of passion/romance or a genuine feeling of love? Is it worth risking the friendship?

However, you need to not be so rational that you take any romance out of it (this is also a mistake).

For example, if you became interested because you feel like your friend would be a good life partner (in regard to location, career, and a mutual desire to have children), but you don’t really think of them in a sexual way, you might be in trouble. If the sexual chemistry isn’t there, it isn’t there. You can’t force it.

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