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3 Steps to make money by supplying eggs to shops in Nigeria

Egg supply business is no doubt one of the most lucrative poultry businesses that you can conveniently rely on.

You need not worry about the profit you make from this business because the demand for eggs is always high. And if you are one of the few people who supply eggs to shops in Nigeria, who says you won’t smile to the bank earlier than you expect?

You’ll be shocked at the amount of money you’ll make in six months. However, before you venture into the business, here are some tips you’ll have to put into consideration.

How to start egg supply business

Now this is were your money will work for you. You’ll need a vehicle to run this business, but apart from this, you may not need more than N80,000 to start the business.

Egg supply business has a high demand

With N80,000, you can buy over a hundred crates of eggs. So imagine buying a crate of egg for N650 or less from farm and you sell each crate for N700, calculate how much you’ll make from over 100 crates.

If you do it twice a week, you might be going home with a profit of N15,000 to N20,000 every week.

What then do you need to make this money? You really don’t need much apart from the vehicle which takes almost 90% of your capital, every other tools won’t cost you N20,000.

1. Get your own vehicle

Rather than having a point of sale where buyers come to buy the eggs, it is more profitable if you make it mobile by taking it to the doorsteps of customers who buy it in large quantities. Some of the farmers who sell eggs take it to the shops and stalls of their customers in the market.

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