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3 Steps To Saying You’re Sorry (And Actually MEANING It)

Words such of these are always a good start, but here are three steps to a real apology, and how you can use them to make sure your relationship stays on track, and you can truly love one another “no matter what”:


1. Identify the offense.

This is not always so easy! There are some people who will keep you guessing. They want you to figure out what you did wrong because if you can’t, that’s further evidence that you don’t care as much as you “should.”

Of course, this isn’t fair to you. But nonetheless, you will be better off if you give it a solid try. If you can’t get to it within a reasonable period of time, come out and ask what it was that you did that made them so angry our upset. Eventually, you will be told!

If the offense is obvious to both of you, you already have everything you need to start with the First Thing To Say: “I know I was flirting with someone else/forgot to pick up your favorite brand of ice cream/called your mother a cruel name/forgot our anniversary.”

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