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3 Things All Feminists Should Do To Boost Their Libido (And Really Enjoy Sex)

Could it be that feminism has women turned off to sex? Have women become so powerful that it is blocking her ability to connect sexually?

Women are trying to catch up and keep up with the image that we “have it all!” But, despite our efforts to put up a good front, the raw truth is that we are human and women need our sexual needs to be met and fulfilled.

Underneath all of the material wealth, under all of the stress and anxiety, there is an empty hole that women are trying to fill by over-scheduling, pushing, and overachieving.

This vast void of unfulfilled pleasure can result in a libido that’s at an all-time low. Many women are finding that they just “do not need” sex and intimacy.

So, despite all of your success in the world, if you can’t seem to find the release and resolve to melt away your sexual tension, you need to know that deep inside of your feminine soul something is missing. And there is probably a quiet voice that is asking you to pay attention to sexual desire.

Slowing down to feel your desires and let go of all the stress and tension is the first step to reconnecting with your sexuality. This lack of sexual drive and connection to orgasmic pleasure is not your fault.

Women have undeniably been empowered through the feminist movement. But, in this movement, we have been taught to be everything to everyone. To be the wife who has it all together. To be the mom who has the best kids. To be the professional who is an amazing financial success.

Although this image seems really great and manageable, women are also facing more divorce, more childhood stress and sickness, and our own health is at risk. This evolutionary picture is not creating benefits like we had wanted.

In our feminist strategy, too often, we leave one very important element — Time for ourselves to connect and love, for sexuality and desire, and for authentic connection.

Let’s be real and honest. Women have had to make some major sacrifices to manage this level of female empowerment and success. Each and every woman has had to give away part of herself to make room for the enormous strides forward we’ve made in society. But it’s a different negotiation with life for each of us. For many of us, it’s self-love, sexuality, intimacy, and our relationships that pay the price.

As with every revolutionary movement, we have made strides to better our lives, to have equal rights, and to participate in society at an equal level with men. But this has left us panting, out of breath and crashing out in some part of our life. Although we appear successful, are we really happy? Are we fulfilled? And do we have true love?

What will it take to slow down a little bit and connect? What will it take to rewrite this paradigm?

The answer lives in DESIRE. Desire is the primary function of flowing with your sexuality. You had a desire to be an amazing success as a woman. Now can you turn the desire on towards love and intimacy?

You deserve a Time Out (TO) to upgrade the self-love, intimacy, and sexuality in your relationship. It starts with you deciding to lower your sword for a moment, stop the clock, put away your competitive edge, and surrender. Although this may seem like an impossible task, it’s not at all.

Just look at what you have been able to accomplish as a businesswoman, activist, mother, or wife. Just look at your success as a woman, carving the path to female power. You are incredible and you can find the time to turn on your desire for love.

In fact, there are 3 ways that you can turn on your sexual power, re-ignite your libido, and renegotiate your sense of feminism to include (and appreciate) sex.

1. You Need To Get Excited!

There is nothing better than getting excited about yourself and your body. Although you may feel turned off at times, getting excited about you and your body could be one of the most “power” producing steps you can take.

Ask yourself this simple question — What makes you excited? Write down your list, feel it, and breathe into the feeling of excitement. If you can’t get there, imagine the last time you were sexually turned on and excited. Imagine yourself sexually turned on, having the best sex of your life and full of energy.

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