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3 Ways Good Sex BRAINWASHES Women

Here’s how sex brainwashes women:

1. Oxytocin

Oxytocin has been described as the “cuddle” or “love hormone” and it’s released during sex. This hormone is powerful because when it’s released we automatically begin to attach to and trust the man responsible for triggering it. And oxytocin is more an issue for women than men, because estrogen promotes oxytocin, while testosterone inhibits it.

2. Dopamine

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Dopamine is also released during sex and initiates a reward circuit in the brain which creates lasting memories of it as a pleasurable experience.

In her Psychology Today article, Samantha Smithstein writes, “Dopamine changes the brain on a cellular level, commanding the brain to ‘do it again,’ which heightens the possibility of relapse even long after the behavior has stopped. Dopamine helps to explain why intense experiences can be just as addictive as drugs.”

And guess what? The more volatile and unpredictable our sex life is with a toxic guy and an abusive relationship, the hotter the sex.

In her article, “Your Brain on Love, Sex, and the Narcissist,” Shahida Arabi writes, “Abusive tactics like intermittent reinforcement work well with our dopamine system because studies show that dopamine flows more readily when the rewards are given out on an unpredictable schedule rather than predictably conditioned ones.”

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