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3 Ways To Kill Your Fears And Enjoy Your Relationship

Ways To Kill Your Fear And Enjoy Your Relationship

Ways To Kill Your Fears And Enjoy Your Relationship – Don’t let your insecurities ruin your happiness.

Feeling insecure is the worst! But we can all relate to feeling that way. Literally, all of us. Every.Single. Person.

But the fact they we all feel insecure doesn’t make our insecurities pretty. In fact, insecurity don’t look good on anyone.

In our relationships, insecurities are not only unattractive, but they’re also potential connection killers. Especially when they fester and burrow, they change us … and not in a good way.

Everyone worries, but not always about the same things. You may worry that your partner will up and leave you one day for someone thinner, cuter, younger. Or, maybe you worry they’ll leave you for someone who makes more money, someone stronger, someone with a more important job.

One of the ways to conquer your insecurities is to accept that, yes, those threat DO exist.

Not just for you, but for everyone. We all lose things in our lives — looks fade, money comes and goes, great jobs end. Loss is part of life, and if you value your life based on things you have or what you’re accomplishing, insecurity will always rear its ugly head.

Thought you’ll never shake them off completely, here are three things to remind yourself to keep your insecurities from ruining your relationship: 

1. Recognize that your differences are downright sexy. 

One thing that makes us feel insecure is our tendency to compare ourselves to others, whether that’s comparing your waistline to your co-worker’s or your old station wagon to your neighbor’s new BMW. Doing this almost always leaves us feeling disappointed and inferior.

This is particularly true when it comes to comparing yourself to your partner.

Your partner possesses strengths that you don’t, just as you have strengths they don’t, particularly in the feminine versus masculine domain. Women and men are different and meant to be so. But your differences can help create potent sexual polarity between the two of you which lends itself to incredible passion in the bedroom (think: ravasher and ravashee).

Learning to dance with this sexual polarity gives your partner a powerful way to more deeply connect with their inner nature. Being able to soften and nurture your partner when they’re overly serious and self-critical is a must. Likewise, providing direction and encouraging actioncan be just the medicine your partner needs when they feel stuck in indecisiveness. These are both examples of using sexual polarities to be of value to your lover.

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