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3 Ways To Ride A Man With Confidence (For The Best Sex Of BOTH Of Your Lives)

Being that we are a generation that hinges on selfies, every woman should know their angles to acquire a post worthy pic.

Your phone should always be up above, facing down, you’re looking up (to avoid the dreaded double chin shadow) and with your head tilted just a little bit so that the light can shine down on your cheekbone to let it shimmer.

Unfortunately, the cowgirl position is the antithesis of what a “good angle” stands for.

Shadows hit in all of the wrong places, making it look like you have a triple chin, and more susceptible to exposing that booger in your left nostril that you totally forgot about.

So how in the f*ck can we feel sexier on top?!

No need to panic, we’re going to make the cowgirl position from something that’s feared to a position that makes you feel empowered. We want you to climb on that dick with pride and ride it like you own it — not cower thinking about the terrible angles and wondering if your grinding is too robotic.

Here are 3 ways to conquer those girl-on-top sex positions like the rodeo champion cowgirl you are:

1. Getting yourself dripping … with confidence.

First thing’s first, you have to own your shit, and even if you aren’t completely comfortable — fake it until you make it. If you keep telling yourself that you look fucking incredible from that angle and that you can work the pole you’re going to eventually believe it.

Being confident while you’re on top changes the energy and your partner will feed off of it. Get completely into it; don’t let your thoughts or insecurities consume you while you’re riding it. Your partner picked your fine ass to have sex with, so believe me, they are not even thinking about the lighting in the room or your posture while you’re grinding. All they’re worried about is trying to hold their load until you cum first.

You should always exude confidence in the bedroom — period. IN LIFE. Why not believe in yourself and own every move you make? Confidence changes the way people see you, and more importantly, how you see yourself.

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