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4 Best Pick Up Techniques

Pick up is art. To know how to approach a woman in a right way requires intelligence, confidence, and enthusiasm. It also takes a great deal of courage to adjust your behavior according to the circumstances. Depending on the situation you might choose one kind of attitude or behave completely different. Therefore, you need to be flexible. But whatever you do you should remain being yourself because that is what it’s all about. Women only get attracted to those men who have the right approach. Read the following article to know the best pick up artist techniques.

Bad Guy

Bad guy is classic pick up technique. Perhaps, it has existed for as long as men-women relationships exist. Which is pretty long. It often happens so that women like to be treated badly or roughly. It doesn’t mean that you should be disrespectful, arrogant, and hateful. No, it just means that you should behave in a nihilistic kind of way. Be an egoist or act like one. You don’t need to be a bad guy, you only need to look like one. Moreover, bad doesn’t mean being evil but rather being wild. Google some of the best dirty pick up lines. Show a woman you approach that you want her but, at the same time, that you don’t need her. Thus technique works especially effective with those women who are very beautiful. Start by loving yourself and act like you know everything. Being cool sometimes means being bad, and girls like hooligans very much.

Nice Guy

Acting like a nice gut is also one of the best pick up techniques. It is completely opposite to the bad guy technique. A lot of women can’t stand wild, child-like, and disrespectful behavior of bad guys. Therefore, you need to approach such women from a different angle. Be as nice as you can. If bad guys are cool, then nice guys are humble. Requiring you to be humble might sound paradoxical because pick up is based on confidence. However, every case is different. Thus, keep in mind that you should be flexible. If a woman is overconfident, proud, and very energetic, then being humble might be attractive for her. Show some lack of confidence, talk less and listen more, be gentle, caring, and understanding. This technique is very effective with mature women who have no interest in men behaving like boys.

A Distraction

How to come up with the best pick up lines? Sometime it is obviously easy. For example, you might ask a woman for a lighter to light your cigarette. Or, in case you don’t smoke, ask her what time is it because your phone’s battery is dead. You might as her for directions or just compliment her appearance. A distraction is when you pick up a woman pretending like that is not your intention. In a couple of seconds you’re going to have a conversation simply because you’ve already started speaking which is the hardest part.

A Drink

A bar is definitely one of the best places to pick up women. Alcohol is a social lubricant. It helps people to get along easier. A classic move is to treat a woman by offering her a drink. You can even ask a barman to simply send a couple a drinks over to a particular table. Or, sitting in front of a bar, you can just ask a woman to join you for a drink. This is a nice gesture which automatically indicates that you’re interested. Then, proceed to a conversation. Or, in case it fails, offer a drink to somebody else and don’t ever give up until you succeed.

Pick up is fun. It helps you to meet new women and get along with them. Many women will respect you for the simple fact that you had enough courage to approach them. Therefore, don’t have fear and stay confident. Use different techniques and aim for success. Good luck!

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