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4 Normal Things You do that Makes You Get Wrinkles Faster

The ever-dreaded wrinkles — they’re inevitable. They are so dreaded and so inevitable that million-dollar markets have sprouted up all over the world claiming to battle them. From lotions and potions for the face to body firming creams and Botox, people shell out big money just to smooth out the creases.

This stuff gets expensive, and not everyone who wants to look beautiful and wrinkle-free can afford them. But what if you could prevent wrinkles by just changing a couple of habits and minor addictions?

It may cost you in discipline, but otherwise, putting a stop to these habits may help you slow down the wrinkle process and avoid some of them all together.

1. Sleeping on your side

Sleeping on my side is so comfortable. But apparently, it can cause major wrinkles to the body. While sleeping on your side, the skin creates small folds which can eventually lead to early wrinkles. I won’t be the only one tossing and turning tonight over the news, though.

According to a survey by the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, 41 percent of 1,000 participants said that they slept on their side. How can you kick this habit? Have your partner tie you to the bedpost before bed? It’s the best I’ve come up with.

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