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4 Qualities In A Man That Are IRRESISTIBLE To Women

Flirting can be one of the most awkward situations if you are not prepared. These qualities – or traits – are things that girls will find desirable. If you project these qualities you will be more likely to attract women.


1. Confidence

The reason most girls are attracted to jocks, bad boys and other men that don’t seem to be “right” for them, is because these men usually act arrogant.
For this to make sense you must understand that women are insanely good interpreters. If a man says or does something, a woman will look beneath his comments or actions and ask herself, “What is he really trying to say?”
Arrogance is interpreted as confidence. And as you may know, confidence is the most important trait you can portray to a woman. Confidence alone will get you more dates than you could ever imagine.

The essence of flirting is based on projecting confidence around women. In addition, arrogance communicates “higher status” and an “I’m too cool” attitude, which appeals to most a girl’s need to climb the social ladder.

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