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4 Qualities In A Man That Are IRRESISTIBLE To Women

2. Dominance

A significant part of being what women call “a real man” is taking charge in all situations. Girls will often say, “I like a man who knows what he wants.” Unfortunately, this statement is baffling to most men.

A man who knows what he wants doesn’t ask for permission. He takes the leadership role in every situation and expects others to comply. The next time you are out in clubs or bars, watch as the dominant men control the situation when they ask a girl out, talking to them, taking them by the hand and guiding them through the club to another location.

These men expect women to follow their lead. They don’t politely ask – they just do it. You might think this attitude seems rude or careless, but what you need to understand is that women want men to act this way.

Why do you think men who ask, “What movie do you want see?” get responses such as…

“I don’t know.”
“I don’t really care.”
“You decide.”

Women want men to be the leaders. Men who ask women to make these decisions get vague responses because women want men to lead. The woman is offering the man a chance to affirm his manliness. An “alpha male” will make decisions.

It may seem daunting to maintain this sort of control, but as these behaviors are broken down into actions, the need for this will become clear.

When women say that they are attracted to strong men, they don’t mean physically strong men; they mean men who can control the situation.

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