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4 Reasons Why some people think money can’t make you happy

When you think about the usefulness of money, you’ll most likely conclude that money can solve all problems and give us everything we want in life.

With money, there is no room for financial stress because only a lack of money or not having enough of it makes us feel extremely stressed.

This is the positive view most people have about money. However,  some people believe there are things money cannot buy and happiness is one of them.

They believe having all the money you desire does not guarantee happiness and to authenticate this view about money, here are some of the reasons they think money being rich does not translate to being happy.

1. Money only gives instant happiness

Money can’t buy everything.

Money is good and ever useful but one argument against it is that it only gives instant gratification and once the feeling subsides, you get back to being unhappy.

In other words, if you derive pleasure only when you shop or buy certain items you’ve been longing to get, the happiness will only last for a few moments, and once the feeling expires, you get back you might get back to being unhappy.

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