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4 Red Flags That Tell You You’re Dating Mrs. WRONG

As guys its not very hard to get blinded by the beauty of a woman we’re dating. We like to feel good about ourselves and having a pretty girl on our arm is one of the biggest confidence boosters out there. Because of this, it’s not hard to see why so many guys put up with the games and pitfalls of women just to keep them around.

If you feel like you’re dating Mrs. Wrong then it’s time to open your eyes and break it off before you get too attached. Dating the wrong woman, and the eventual breakup, is enough to shake any guys confidence. By taking control you can soothe this pain and avoid the downsides of dating these types of women.

Here are 4 red flags that tell you you’re dating Mrs. Wrong.


She Still Talks To Her Exes

Okay, so there are a lot of women that still talk to their exes. They might be friends or they might just keep in touch via Facebook. But if you find that she’s spending more time on the phone with her ex than you, it’s time to top dating her.

Girls that still keep in touch with their exes on a regular basis are trouble. They either haven’t gotten over him or they are still in love with him. Very rarely is it at all innocent. Make it a point to tell her how uncomfortable it makes you that she still talks to her exes. If she doesn’t stop, call it quits immediately. She either doesn’t care about you enough to forgo her previous relationship or she doesn’t care how it makes you feel. Either way, she’s no good.

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