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4 Toxic & Dangerous Types Of Male Enhancement Pills You Should Never Take


Dangerous Types Of Male Enhancement Pills – This GUIDE Will Show You 4 Types of Products That Are Dangerous! WORKING Alternatives & Methods Below The Article! These Tips Helped Over 7,000 Readers! Many men all over the world are often unhappy about the size of their penises. They are often so desperate they try almost anything, including drugs that are really dangerous and toxic to your health!

As I was reading through a lot of forums, I have identified 4 main categories of pills guys mistakenly eat for penis enlargement. In general, these are drugs for treating erectile dysfunction, steroids, human growth hormones, and various nutritional supplements.

Below, I am analyzing each one of these drugs and how they can damage your health! In the end, I am revealing safer alternatives that deliver permanent size growth.

Type #1 – Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

The first type of pills people mistakenly use for penis enlargement are prescription drugs for treating erectile dysfunction, such as Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil.

If you suffer from weak erections, then active substances in these pills will improve the blood flow into your penis, making it appear larger than usually! This may lead to a temporary length and girth bonus.

Side-effects and dangers to your health:

The erectile dysfunction drugs come with a lot of dangerous side-effects such as a headache, flushing, blurry or blue vision, dizziness, fainting, upset stomach, congestion, runny nose, and many more.

My verdict:

Use this type of pills only for its intended purpose (erectile dysfunction). I highly recommend avoiding these drugs for enlarging your penis as they only offer temporary size increase (only in case you suffer from weak erections and poor blood flow).

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