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4 Ways To Pursue Your Career Advancement Without A Godfather

For your career advancement, you need to be proactive with the skills you acquire, jobs you apply for, career relationships you build and more. This is a very strategic way to advance your career without a godfather; also known as a ‘ladder.’.

As a young professional, did you follow up on a job opening you came across? After your first post-university internship, did you stay on the job to kill time while searching for better opportunities; only to find yourself stuck on the same job, career or level for several months or years? This can be very frustrating.

You do not need a godfather to scale up and advance your career if your skills, zeal, experience and drive are on par with your career advancement goals. Here are few examples of how you can advance your career without a godfather.

1. Remember Why You Started

Zig Ziglar once said that “…regardless of your lot in life, you can build something beautiful on it.”

To advance your career, you need to remember why you started, what gave you that early spark and got you on the job or career path? You need to take a self-audit and ask yourself what made you start and got you to the point now where you’re feeling stuck? This would help you plan your career from the point and further help avoid future mistakes.

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