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5 Body Language Moves You MUST Master When Meeting Women

2. Get Caught Looking

Eyes convey a tremendous amount of information about a person. When you keep eye contact with woman, you say an awful lot about your own self-esteem.

Do not look away when a woman looks at you. I repeat. DO NOT look away when a woman is looking at you. If you do, she will think, “He’s shy, has no confidence and if he has any feelings for me, he’s trying to hide them. I know this because he doesn’t even have the guts to keep looking and be honest about how he feels.”

If you want to utilize the single best way to instantly trigger a woman’s attraction, then keep looking when she looks over.

Here are the three quick steps:

Look in her direction until she looks over
Hold the look until she looks away
Walk over and start flirting with her

If you look at the ground because you’re shy your head will naturally point towards the ground. When your head faces downwards your shoulders tend to roll forward creating terrible posture. That’s why simply looking at the ground can repel a woman.

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