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5 Easy workout moves that guarantees better performance on bed


Easy workout moves for better performance on bed – Now THAT’s what we call motivation. Working out is a great way to lose weight and tone your body, but what if it could also better your sex life?!  Strength training, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility are three areas that will help you get a sexy, lean physique while also driving up the heat up in the bedroom.

Even if your workouts are solely centered on improving your health, the side effects will stream into all areas of your life. Feeling good about your body trickles into improved confidence, which will lead to an increased sex drive and sexual arousal. 

Have I caught your attention yet? 

The following moves are a must-try — at home or in the gym — to boost your ability to achieve the Big O!

1. Squats

Your sex life will be amped up when you have the strength and endurance to last a little longer, especially when you’re on top! Increasing the blood flow in your lower body helps with improved arousal and your ability to orgasm. 

How to do it: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and chest proud. Bend your knees while pushing your butt out as if you are sitting in a chair. Keep your weight in your heels through the movements and make sure your knees don’t bend past your toes. Try to hit 12-15 reps for four sets.

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