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5 Everyday Exercises To Do Until You Breathe Your Last

There are many people who go through many problems with their body; there is back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, neck pain and many more of the pains.

There are also bruises, strains, sprains, bumps etc. on other cases that keeps on happening. And surprisingly, most of them happen due to less physical activity or weakness. This era got us stuck with all those electronics along with physical aches and stress. Hence, there are some exercises that we need to put in our everyday list and never remove it in order to keep ourselves healthy, fit, strong and young.

1. Bridge Progression

This workout is one of the easiest things ever, all you need to do is lie on your back, fold you knees up, rest both your hands aside you and raise your hips up and hold on for 10 seconds then down. 20 reps and you are done with this for a day. This exercise helps your core, lower back, and hips. Stabilizes the lower back, reduces back pain, and maximizes physical abilities. If two legged bridge progression gets too easy for you try it with one leg, even better.

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