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5 Habits of Self-Confident Women

We all know at least one woman who always, without exception, looks like she’s got it all going on. This is the woman who’s perpetually radiant with joy, confidence, laughter and that subtle but palpable dominance of every room she’s in. She simply owns the room. The best part of it all is that she makes self-love and confidence seem like something you just effortlessly pick up sometime in your life and just carry it from that day on. We are in awe of this woman and go as far as to think that there is either some magic potion you can take to instantly become like her or that the situation is hopeless because certain women are just born with it.

Luckily for the rest of us, neither magic nor that “Maybe line – maybe she’s born with it” have anything to do with confidence. It is something you groom and foster, something you grow into and it involves a set of very specific habits that all of us can adopt and sooner than later become that woman. You can also own the room, you just need a little helping hand, so read on carefully, take notes and adopt these lifestyle habits that will get you to the person you want to be.

1. She just brushes it off


We all gossip, that is something that can’t be denied. However, while certain types of rumours are just humorous, others can be malicious and truly hurtful. However, when she hears that something mean was said about her, a confident woman doesn’t let it hit her close to home. She is aware that there will always be people who don’t like her, and that’s OK. She’s also aware of the fact that some people have small lives and have nothing better to do than put others down in an attempt to elevate themselves, so she just lets them have their fun and goes about her day completely unaffected. Why? Because she knows her worth and that knowledge is so strong that no amount of rumours can shake her.

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