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5 Harsh-But-True Signs He’s Never EVER Going To Marry You

Why are some men so comfortable dating a woman for years, yet they aren’t comfortable marrying that same woman? The question that women in this situation most often ask is, “How do I know if he’s just a procrastinator or if he really never plans to marry me?”

Since women usually mention marriage more quickly than men, it isn’t surprising that women find it hard to distinguish between a man who has cold feet and a man who will never marry them, no matter how much time he’s given. Based on hundreds of stories from women who have tired of this waiting game and are left asking “why won’t my boyfriend marry me?” we’ve put together a list of the five most common warning signs that prove your man doesn’t plan to marry you.

1. He’s reduced you to begging.

For a woman who’s been doing some serious hinting about getting married, it can be hard to recognize that conversations about marriage have been replaced by begging and pleading. Even smart, strong women who are used to demanding what they want in all other aspects of life somehow fall into a trap where they’re begging a man to marry them.

Once you discover that you’ve been reduced to begging, it’s time to move on. Not only does he not plan on marrying you, but the type of guy who strings a woman along like this is likely to move on to more complex stalling tactics that can drag on for years.

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