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5 HEALTHY Ways To Love Him (Without Completely Losing Yourself)

Try these five essentials aimed at helping you hang on to your identity, and you’ll not only recapture your freedom without losing your love — you’ll also add to the happiness you have when you’re together. Stick to being your authentic self, and remember why you fell in love in the first place.

1. Grab girlfriend time.

No matter how much you love your honey, there’s nothing like a lunch with the ladies who make you laugh and cry at the same time. Set a goal — just like you do at work — to have at least one meal or movie date a week with someone you can share girl-talk with.

2. Have a hobby.

You and your lover don’t actually have to do everything together, you know. Maybe you’ve always had a hobby or played a sport that plasters a big smile on your face. If you gave it up because he doesn’t share your enthusiasm, you can still get back to it.

Even though you’ll spend some time apart, he’ll love you all the more when you come home with that happy grin!

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