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5 Incredibly Simple Things Women Want From The Men They Love

Here are some of the things I’ve learned over the years about what women want.

1. A woman wants a man she can trust.

This is the most important thing a woman looks for in a man. It’s not just about, “Can I trust him to be faithful?” But can I trust him to “be honest about who he is, show up on time do what he says he will do.”

2. A woman wants a man who is safe to be with.

Men want a safe harbor, a woman who trusts him enough to let him inside her, to touch deeply with body, mind, and spirit. But to do that, a woman needs to feel she is safe with her man. The core of safety is trustworthiness, knowing the man is there for her, who she can count on to do what he says he will do.

Most of our wounds come from those we love. Women need to know that her man will protect her, not only from others but from his own anger. My relationship with my wife, Carlin, improved greatly when I realized that my loud voice and beady-eyed looks when I would get upset were increasing her fear.

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