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5 Reasons To LOVE Your Labia — No Matter What They Look Like

Your labia get a bad rap.

I mean, I don’t know you, so I obviously don’t mean your specific downstairs lips, I mean as a rule and across the board when it comes to sex and how we relate to our vaginas, we women tend not to think much of our labia.

If we even think about them at all.

For some women, their labia can be a source of shame. The popular myth that floppier labia mean you’re sexually promiscuous has led many women to actually get their labia cut down in a controversial procedure called labiaplasty.

Ladies, leave your perfect vagina alone!

While there is zero shame in any sort of cosmetic surgery, I do think it’s a shame whenever our culture’s negative view of women’s vaginas and sexuality lead us to trying to change the way we were born.

Your labia are actually pretty bad ass.

Sure, they might just look like they are hanging out like a couple of pieces of wrong-bacon (or not), but the truth is they do a lot to keep you happy and healthy.

Here are five tremendous things you need to know about your labia:

1. They are the Gandalf of your genitalia.

Your labia are designed to protect your vagina, your clitoris, and your urethra.

They exist to cover your vaginal opening, get your clitoris from getting overly stimulated or (god forbid) damaged, and they help prevent the spread of disease.

STDs come a-knockin’, and it’s all your labia can do not to bang their staff to the ground and bellow “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”

2. They are coming for thumbprints in a major way.

Not one woman on earth has labia that look exactly like the labia of another.

In fact, you could use labia to identify women, if the idea of dunking your labia in ink and then pressing them into paper wasn’t so deeply unappealing.

You’re unique, is it any wonder that your labia are too?

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