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5 Reasons You Should Never Patronise Lagos Traffic Hawkers. You will stop buying Gala when you see No 3

In a bid to survive Lagos life, you find a large number of hawkers on the highway selling all sorts of items including homewares and consumables.

Clearly, it is because they have a market for whatever they are selling and many of us patronise them.

In fact, it has gotten to a point that you can buy the ingredients to cook a pot of soup on the highway without alighting from your car. Despite this, there are reasons you should never patronise traffic hawkers; see them below…

You will be arrestedImage result wey dey for you arrested

The Lagos state government has passed a law banning street trading. So, you are liable to be arrested by Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) officials if you are caught buying things in traffic. So, desist from patronising these hawkers.

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