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5 Reasons You Should Quit An Abusive Relationship

It is absolutely unacceptable for a man to batter a woman black and blue. It is simply cowardice. Despite the domestic violence, some people will not speak out nor will they quit the relationship. They endure. They report to their religious leaders and family members who usually encourage them to stay. This is wrong.

They are not the ones who gets rape when he is drunk or who gets beaten every night when he is angry. This is same with your boyfriend.

We share reasons why you should never stay in an abusive relationship,

He will kill you one dayImage result wey dey for abusive relationship

There have been many stories were husbands have beaten their wives to the extent that they died. That is extreme. You do not want to be in that situation. Your children need you alive to take care of them. So, if you have made effort and waited for him to change and he refuses, just quit.

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