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5 Sexy (Yet Subtle) Ways To Turn Your Man ALL The Way On

If you really want to learn how to arouse your man and get him in the mood for amazing sex, then you need to stimulate both his body AND his mind. You’ll be glad to know that doing this is not just a case of being overtly sexual.

I’m going to show you some really subtle, fun and easy things you can do to turn him on and arouse him both mentally and physically.

1. Talking Dirty

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Many people come to me wanting to learn how to talk dirty. They usually think that the best type of dirty talk is using the most outrageous, over-sexualized, nasty lines.

This is not really a great idea. Yes, being really ‘out there‘ when you’re in best with your man is great, but using this kind of over-the-top dirty talk won’t get you very far elsewhere. A much better way is to subtly hint at what you’re thinking or what you’re planning for later.

These examples will give you an idea of exactly what I mean:

  • Seeing you in that shirt is making me wish all these other people weren’t here. Giving him a cheeky smile when you say it is going to make it far more powerful!
  • Can’t wait to see you later… I’m going to do something I think you’ll like (perfect for a text message)
  • If we were alone right now, we’d be having a lot more fun!

Notice how they don’t seem overtly sexualized or wild? The purpose of these subtle dirty lines is not to turn him on for just a few minutes. The purpose is to keep him thinking about you and keep him aroused for hours and hours, where he is trying to figure out what you mean and what surprises you may have in store for him.

2. How You Move

One of the easiest ways to arouse your guy is to make a few simple changes to how you move. The easiest thing that you can do with your body language is simply changing how you move. Slowing your movements down when you are talking to your man is the simplest and easiest way to change things up.

Another way is by accentuating your movements so that your man can clearly see all of your best assets. There are a few things that can help you to accentuate your movements like wearing heels and wearing clothes that show off all your best bits.

This is something that you should keep in mind when going down on him and giving him oral sex too.

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