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5 Signs He’s SERIOUSLY Controlling You — And You Don’t Even Know It

We’ve all been there before. We meet a great guy who’s outgoing, chivalrous, and assertive. He makes you feel beautiful, desired, and taken care of. At some point though, you begin to see chinks in the armor of his personality and you wonder, is my guy just uber-protective of me or is he trying to control me?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably asking yourself that very question. Don’t beat yourself up over it; you’re just one of countless women who have been caught in the snares of a controlling man.

If you recognize the majority of these signs, chances are you’ve encountered a man whose tactics are controlling you.

1. He tells you straight up that he’s controlling.

Yes, there are some controlling men who will actually tell you they want or need to control the relationship. I had a guy tell me it was “his way or the highway” several times while we were dating. His statement always made me feel that my slightest misstep would put me on the curb. And it did.

There were times I really didn’t know what I did that was so offensive to him that he’d shut off like a cold water faucet. Ladies, if your man tells you up front that he needs to have complete control in the relationship, run fast and run far.


2. He acts like a Mr. Know-It-All.

Controlling men know it all and expect for you to accept that. Regardless of your legitimate position on social, political or personal issues, he’s bound to convince you how wrong you are and make you feel inferior for having an opinion that differs from his.

God forbid if you should challenge him on a particular topic; you’ll just be shredded up and down for voicing your viewpoint. Remember, he wants you to think that he knows best. If you cower to his position on everything, you’ll never have a voice of your own in the relationship.

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