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5 Signs The Wine You Drink Is Killing You Slowly..

your daily wine is slowly sucking the LIFE out of you

Signs The Wine You Drink Is Killing You Slowly – Drink your grapes? Maybe it’s not a good idea.

“An apple a day will keep the doctor away,” “I’m unwinding with a glass of wine,” “It’s been a rough day/week/hour”.

Raise your hand if you subscribe to these aforementioned urban myths.

In our culture that drinking has two polar opposite viewpoints: “Drinking is socially fun and acceptable — so pound those drinks down!” or “It’s a toxin and addictive, and abstinence from alcohol is the answer”. In reality, the solution may fall somewhere in the middle — as many commercials for beer and spirits state: “Drink Responsibly”.

Here are some hidden ways that alcohol may be chipping away at your life:

1. You’re letting alcohol dictate your life.

You can’t wait to get home from the office to crack open a bottle of wine, or polish off that cold brewski. Every waking moment is devoted to getting your fix.

The feelings of removal from reality start to blend into your day job; and before you know it, all aspects of your life take a backseat to the substance. Remember: Balance is key!

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