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5 Small Things To Be Grateful For, Even When Life Is Getting You Down

Here are 5 small things that you and I should be grateful for even when life gets us down:

1. Comfort food

We all have it. That certain something that we love to eat. That something that we fantasize about if the day is going very badly.

For me, it’s Thai food. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I promise myself that at the end of the day, some Pad Thai will be part of my evening. The prospect actually calms me down immediately and lifts my spirits.

And of course, the chocolate pudding that I eat for dessert doesn’t hurt either.

And for that I am grateful.

2. Smiles

Think about that morning when everything went wrong. You woke up late, there was no hot water, your coffee was cold, and you had nothing to wear. Really, your day was going to suck.

And then you take the elevator down to the lobby and walk out onto the street with your sunglasses on, prepared to fight the world. You round the corner and almost run into a complete stranger, a complete stranger who smiles broadly and says “Good morning”. Reflexively, you smile back.

It changes your whole day.

The actual act of smiling, the use of the muscles to turn your mouth upwards, has been proven to lift your mood. I know that when my kids were little and I was feeling overwhelmed, just smiling at them made me feel better.

And for that I am grateful.

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