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5 Subtle Signs Your Ex Is Taking Serious Advantage Of You

Here are five signs your ex is taking advantage of you and is merely in it to reap the superficial benefits of your presence in his life.

1. Your ex (now friend) texts you only when he is bored, and no one else is around.

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When he is having fun and has managed to arrange dates with other women, you don’t hear from him at all. If you balk at his suggestion to meet up 20 miles from where you live, he becomes passive-aggressive, telling you how much you are losing out.

2. He is very reluctant to ever spend any time in your part of town.

God forbid he had to take an Uber in that direction, even though the distance between his house and yours is significantly shorter than between his house and his favorite touristy beer or club destinations. After rejecting your suggestion to go to a place in your area, he Ubers all over town and travels huge distances in order to be in other people’s company or in order to meet his most recent Tinder dates at fancy bars, because strangers mean more to him than people who would be truly appreciative of him and who would be willing to make huge sacrifices for him.

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