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5 TERRIBLE Things That Happen When You Fake An Orgasm

In the interest of promoting fewer faked orgasms, I’ve compiled a list of 5 things that happen when you fake an orgasm. 


1. You make sex bad for your fellow women.


You might think nothing bad can come of you feigning a few “oohs and ahhs” when you realize that you’re not just going to spontaneously orgasm, but here’s the thing: When you fake an orgasm? Yeah, you basically are training all men everywhere to expect that all they have to do is thrust their hips a couple of times and every woman everywhere will have a crazy intense orgasm.

We ALL know that the women who can orgasm from like, a gentle breeze, are rare bears indeed. If you pretend that you are one of them you are reinforcing the false notion that women orgasm as easily as men and without anything other than penis-in-vagina penetration. Don’t be that jerk, yo.

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