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5 Things Every Single Woman Should Experience BEFORE They Get Married

When I was single, I would be lying if I said I enjoyed every minute of it. I got married at 30 years old, so I had a few years to myself before Mr. Right came along. So, I experienced the highs and the lows of single life. Those years were precious to me as I was fully able to experience life as a single woman.

Looking back, I know there are certain things you can really only do when you’re on your own. I am a true believer that what women need is to accomplish these rites of passage when you can still watch back to back seasons of “Sex and the City” without having to negotiate with the other half:

1. Living alone

I never thought of myself as someone who was lonely. But you’ll never know how much you rely on the company of others until you’re forced to live by yourself. When I first moved to Sydney and was starting out in my career, I had a TV, a fridge. and a bed in my apartment. That was it.

I didn’t mind the lack of stuff but being alone at first was deafening. I used to fill up the time with phone calls and visiting family and friends as much as possible. Busy was good. It took me a good six months to figure out (and be OK with) not being around someone all the time.

Mastering the art of aloneness will truly make you become your own best friend. Now, if I have a weekend where there are no plans and my husband might be away, my heart is happy. I know that spending time with myself is freaking awesome. I should be so lucky.

2. Traveling solo
At 23 years old, I went backpacking in Europe by myself for 8 weeks. That wasn’t the original plan. I had wanted to go with a friend, but it just wasn’t happening and I finally decided “Screw it, I’ll go myself”.

There is no experience like traveling by yourself, with yourself, and having no one but yourself to rely on. The amazing thing is, it’s so much easier to make friends when you are traveling alone and you can breeze in and out of groups and social situations so easily — it’s the most liberating time.

Yes, there are times where you think, “Gosh, it would be nice to have someone here to share this with” (like going to the Eiffel tower or having your bag stolen in Barcelona). But mostly, I saw the stress of travel take its toll on friends and couples, and I was happy to lie in a hammock and plan my next destination.

Not having to consider what anyone else wants to do is a nice change and a luxury everyone should experience in their life.

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