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5 Things Guys Really DON’T Want In Bed

Sex tips tell you what to DO in the sack, but how do you find out mistakes to avoid? While men want to do a lot of different things in the bedroom, there are some things that just don’t strike his fancy and may very well turn him completely OFF. You don’t want to do that! Here are the things that your guy would really rather you leave OUT.

1. He Doesn’t Want To Try “Butt Stuff”

This applies to “butt stuff” on HIM. Most guys enjoy anal sex with women, but the street doesn’t go both ways. Although you can give him a totally fierce orgasm via prostate massage, he’s not likely going to be very receptive to it unless he’s very adventurous. Suggesting that you put a finger up his anus while giving him a blowjob might get you a strange look, or it may get you thrown out of the bedroom depending on how much the “butt stuff” freaks him out.
Some guys will politely turn you down, while others will be convinced that you’re trying to turn them gay and run for the hills. Read your man – if he likes a lot of naughty stuff, he might be into it. If he’s more of a “vanilla” guy, don’t even bother bringing it up.


2. Lingerie That Has Too Many Clasps, Buttons, Zippers, etc.

Does he love seeing you wear sexy lingerie? Hell yeah, he does! But he also wants to take it OFF. And if taking off whatever you’re wearing is more like diffusing a bomb than getting you undressed sexily, your man is going to become frustrated well before he ever gets to see you naked. Keep this in mind when choosing lingerie.

Garter belts are totally hot, but they’re also a pain in the ass to get on and off. If you want to go that route, just leave them on during sex and make sure he has full access to your breasts and nether regions. If you want to wear something sexy to bed, go for it. Just make sure your guy can actually get it off of you in a short amount of time. Because honestly, if you do the lingerie right, he’s going to want to rip it off you ASAP anyways.

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