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5 Things Men Hope Will Happen EVERY Time They Have Sex

Luckily, I’ve taken the guesswork out of that equation for you too! Here are 5 things every man WISHES happened to him during sex.

1. They make you squirt.
To men, squirting is something mysterious and sexy. What most men know about squirting is twofold: that vaginal squirting is the most intense orgasm a woman can have, and that only a truly gifted penis can inspire a woman to squirt vaginally.

To burst the squirting bubble, but a squirting orgasm isn’t the world’s most powerful orgasm across the board because every single woman’s orgasm is different. Does making her squirt mean she just came like never before? Maybe. But it could also just be how she climaxes. Also, you don’t need a penis to make a woman squirt, you need access to her G-Spot.

But hey, if a dude is this passionate about getting you off, who am I to stop him? The orgasm police? No, no I am not.

2. They last for hours.
The penis is not known for its staying power. It’s known for inopportune erections, wet dreams, and if you’re Tommy Lee, honking the horn of a sizable yacht in between sexually pleasing Pamela Anderson.

While how long a man can maintain an erection is no real measure of his masculinity or sexual prowess, most men still get a cocky (pun very much intended) sense of pride just how long their average sex sessions last. In an ideal world, they get to hammer away at their loved one until she begs for mercy.

Thankfully, this is almost never the case.

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