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5 Things (That AREN’T Looks) That Make Guys Hot As HELL

In our world, pop media icons and supermodels look at you from billboards on every corner, and physical beauty is seen as an ideal to strive for. However, one other important thing that our society of science and progress has taught us is that sex appeal isn’t all about physical appearance.

So what is it that makes a man attractive if not his look?

1. Having a purpose and achieving your goals

Studies indicate that goal-oriented people are seen as more attractive by default. We can’t keep from being drawn to individuals who have a sort of inner power and drive that pushes them forward.

When a woman looks at a man, she assesses him as a prospective life-partner. A devoted person with strong priorities and objective goals will win every time when compared with guys who lack a direction in life.

2. Dressing the part

Note that it’s not so much the price of your clothes that matters as their style and quality. An attractive man has to dress in fitting garments that will complement his figure. Your outfit must be stylish and fit both the occasion and your social status.

Don’t forget accessories as combining luxury timepieces with plain but high-quality clothes can help you create the veneer of style you need to make a great first impression. It’s what will get you the initial contact you need to show off your other attributes and charm the girl.

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