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5 Unpleasant Dating Habits Men Really Hate

Unpleasant dating habits men really hate

Dating Habits Men Really Hate – Even your looks won’t save you from these! What bugs you most on a first date?

This simple, concrete question usually yields vastly different answers when men and women each reveal what bugs them most about their date’s behavior.

Women are usually more analytical (read: critical) when it comes to dating behavior that irks them — choice of dress, mannerism, choice of entrees, quality of good night kiss, etc. The list goes on.

This is because women are more emotional and expressive, so their first impressions are formed by nuances like body language and mannerisms. Very often, an otherwise good date will end (with no chance for a second) because she did not like the way he kissed her goodnight or held her hand.

Men, on the other hand, being less demonstrative, are usually less forthcoming when asked what turned them off about their dates.  

It’s not good or bad — it just is. After all, men and women are not created the same, they’re intentionally created different enough to complement each other. And, isn’t it that very same difference that excites heterosexual adults?

When my male clients debrief me about what they liked and did not like about their first dates, their first impressions typically seem pithy, abrupt and superficial — her hair, her legs, her attire. It takes a lot of detective work on my part to get the true picture out of these guys. After all, women NEED to have this inside intel in order to tackle this whole dating thing, right?

Once I dug in and got real answers out of the men, these were the five dating behaviors they hated most (in order from bad to worst) … and ladies, for the record, I agree with them on these points:

1. Lateness.

Yes, ladies, the guys understand your need to arrive fashionably late. After all, you do want him to see you enter in all your glory — new shoes, hair blow-out and all. Most men I interviewed admit they expect a woman to arrive about 10 to 15 minutes late for a date. They’re perfectly fine with it.

However, there is late and there is “shoot me! I am falling asleep, starving, and I don’t understand why I’m still here” late. Anything over 15 minutes is just rude.

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