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5 Ways To Know For SURE If You’re In Love With A Crazy Person

I hear a lot of dating stories, specifically from men, where they say they fell in love with someone and months or even years later, they found out they were dating a complete crazy person.

They got bamboozled.

Their partner pretended to be a certain way to catch them and then revealed their true self; a heartless, narcissistic b*tch/a**hole and now they’re stuck there asking themselves, “Who the hell are you and what did I get myself into?”

You want to be sympathetic towards these folks because they were blinded by love, but I don’t feel bad for them.

I just think they weren’t paying attention.

Whether you’re together a few months or years, things happen in people’s lives that will show you their character.

They will either shine or reveal themselves to be who they really are.

When these examples/instances come up, they will show you their integrity, authenticity and their commitment in other places in their life. You just need to pay attention, and I’m here to help you do that.

Pay attention to how your partner acts in these types of situations and you’ll never get bamboozled again.

So here are 5 instances when a person’s character will reveal itself:

1. How do they treat their family and friends?

How do they show up for their family or friends? Are they supportive? Are they giving and helpful?

Do they spend time with them? When they’re ill, do they take care of them and check in to make sure they’re doing ok? Are they kind? If they treat their family and friends badly or without compassion during their time of need, they will likely do the same with you eventually.

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