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5 Ways for Women to Discreetly Pee in Public While Running

Ways for Women to Discreetly Pee in Public

Ways For Women To Discreetly Pee In Public – The gallon of water you downed. The mile-long bathroom line 10 minutes before your race starts. The broken port-a-potty. The sheer anxiety of knowing your long run might take you miles away from the nearest place to go. All these can add up to a sudden and serious need to pee in a place with little privacy.

If you can find an actual, working restroom when nature calls, you absolutely should. But sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. When that happens, you want to find a spot that’s at least a little bit out of the way (no, the starting corral of your half-marathon isn’t okay), and that will make the least, well, mess. While men have few problems with communal leakage, women’s anatomy poses unique challenges to relieving yourself without revealing yourself.

Here are five potential solutions to this, uh, urgent issue. (Though you still need to be aware of public urination laws in your area.)


ways for women to pee in public

When Boulder, Colorado-based Skirt Sports sent an April Fools’ Day email in 2015 announcing a skirt designed for women to “finally answer nature’s call without baring our assets,” customers clamored for a real-life version. A successful Kickstarter campaign raised more than $60,000, and the Gotta Go Skirt ($79)—complete with a “trap door” made of moisture-wicking fabric—went on sale a year later, in April 2016.

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